Eve Taylor Skincare Facials

Aromatherapy based products which contain only pure natural essential oils. All products are non-comedogenic and is free from mineral oils, SD alcohol and additives. Not tested on animals. The benefits of having a Eve Taylor Facial with a steamer:-Helps to soften plugs in pores for easy removal of dirt and dead skin debris. Stimulates skin blood circulation allowing the skin to look refreshed. Allows for deep cleansing, hence, soften, re-hydrates, and rejuvenating outer layer of skin. Aid to open up clogged nasal and sinus passages.Balancing - mixed/combination skin
Lavender and jasmine both soothes and balances combination skin. Basil, rosewood, vitamin rich avocado helps reduce bacteria and dirt, gently removing impurities. Extract of cucumber lettuce softens and cleanses the skin, leaving it feeling balanced and clear.

Purifying-blemished/problematic skin
Re hydrates and helps discourage bacterial activity. Lemongrass and cedar wood encourages oxygenation. Sandalwood and lavender helps to maintain the skins natural PH levels.

Soothing-sensitive/dry skin
Rich in Aloe vera, chamomile and vitamin E which has is anti-inflammatory,calming ans healing for the skin.
Anti aging-firming/resistance
Using a combination of palm oil, fruit acids, nourishing avocado and pollen extract aid in recovering fine balance to the skin. Sunflower and Avocado infused with natural Soya based Ceramides moisturize, protect and provide improved barrier support.

Express Refresh

A facial tailored to your current skin condition and offers the same benefits as our deep cleansing facial on a smaller scale.

30 Minutes        £22.00


A balancing for combination/acne skin types. Using aloe vera, chamomile with soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. And finishing with a light moisturizer containing comfrey and vitamin E to heal and protect the skin,

60 Minutes       £40.00

Skin Quencher

Using fruit enzymes which offer a superb exfoliation without irritation. Intensely hydrating and restores the skins youthful glow. Powerful moisture infusing hydrators plump and soften lines whilst intensively quenching even the most parched skin.

60 Minutes        £40.00

Rescue & Restore

Using colloidal oatmeal to nourish, hydrate and restore barrier function. Combat the effects of cold winds and warm central heating with this hydrating barrier repairing facial leaving skin supple and protected from the harsh elements.

60 Minutes        £40.00

Warm Lava Shell

A rejuvenating facial with comforting warm lava shells containing sea kelp and minerals to finish off with the application of warm rose infused towels and a scalp massage. Great for those with poor circulation and sinus congestion. Melts away tension, restore and revives complexion.

90 Minutes        £55.00