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Tension Release Therapy - Back, neck, face and a coconut balm scalp massage
Special Price: £35
Treatment Time: 60 mins

Improves blood circulation
Increases oxygen flow
Releases headaches/migraine tension
Reduces stress
Improves sleep
Conditions the scalp
Encourages hair growth in the scalp
Induces deep relaxation
Eases muscle pains
Soothes anxiety and depression
Boosts immunity

Thai Foot Reflex Release
Special Price £45

Treatment Time:90 mins

A relaxing foot scrub starts this treatment off, 
followed by a reflexology and thai foot
massage combo to balance and restore the body and mind

Improves circulation in feet and legs
Improves lymphatic drainage
A boost for the immune system
Reduces stiffness and improves flexibility
Encourages physical healing
Stress relief
Improves sleep

Reflex Release
Special Price: £18
Treatment Time: 30 Mins

Starting with a neck stretch and facial pressure point massage followed by working the reflex areas of the feet which
correspond to all the areas of the body to relieve stress and
tension and assists in healing. 

Special Price: £55
Treatment Time: 2 hrs
Reboot, rebalance and restore the bodys equilibrium
Back, neck & shoulder massage
warming lava Facial
Scalp Massage