Light rhythmic strokes towards the heart and lymph nodes to clear toxins and lymphatic waste. Starting off the massage with a full body brush to stimulate the blood and slough away dead skin cells.

Back - 30 Minutes   £22.00

Full body 1 Hour      £40.00


This is a classic Swedish massage which is talored to your specific needs. Using varying levels of pressure and techniques to kick start the body and mind.

Back - 30 Minutes   £22.00

Full Body - 1 Hour    £40.00

Deep Tissue

This massage targets the deeper layers of the muscle tissue and focusing on specific areas of tension and tightness to restore movement and alleviate muscle spasms and chronic tension.

Localised areas 1 Hour          £45.00

Indian Head

Stress releasing massage techniques, manipulating the soft tissues on the upper back, shoulds, neck, scalp and face. Great for rebalancing the mind and feeling more at ease.

30 Minute       £22.00

Lava Shell

This is a heat therapy massage using self warming tiger clam shells. The comforting warm shells glide over the whole body using natural, hydrating oil to revitalize, re-balance and rejuvenate the body and mind.

Back - 30 Minutes     £25.00

Full body 1 Hour      £45.00