I will refuse or terminate a treatment if any of the following apply:

• Broken skin or lesions

• Misconduct such as solicitation or suggestive comments

• Any medical condition not mentioned at the time of reservation that is infectious to others.

All customer details held are used solely by Harmony Beauty and shall not be disclosed to any third parties.I am a member Babtac Therapists and fully covered with public and products insurance.

Also trained to a high Vocational.Training Charity Trust (VTCT) Standard for your total peace of mind.

Any persons under the age of 16 are entitled to some treatments but this will be checked at the time of booking and will need consent and supervision by an adult on the day of the treatment.

Hygiene is, of course, the utmost importance and to achieve optimal cleanliness all equipment's thoroughly sterilized, products decanted and the use of disposable items to avoid cross contamination.

The consultation and getting ready for each individual should only take 5 minutes but will be included into the allocated treatment time so its essential that you are not late for your slot,otherwise it will shorten the time that you have left.

Please allow 10 minute change around time between treatments, this is extra and will not interfere with your slots.Please note that if you are pregnant, I will only perform treatments on you if you are in your second trimester.

Any slipped, bulging disks, recent operations, infectious diseases and cancer which is not in remission cannot have treatments.