Warm up this winter with a lava shell massage

These warming lava shells are the ultimate stress buster. They are non-porous, eco friendly and uses 100% genuine recycled tiger clams.  


The comforting warmth as it massage your muscles, eases tension, relives pain, renews toxins and restores balance.

A much more gentle alternative to a deep tissue massage, working on all areas of concern both mentally and physically. 

But most of all, it leaves you deeply relaxed and warm to the bones! 


New Sensory Testing with Harmony Beauty

Each Holistic style therapy will begin with a sensory test. 

Each Holistic style therapy will begin with a sensory test. 

Following a personal consultation, Its essential to select the right products to suit your needs and concerns.

In order deliver the very best experience, I start off by doing a sensory test to find out what you are most drawn to as this will help me select the correct blend of oils to suit your specific needs of the moment and ensure you get the most out of your bespoke therapy.

"I strive to make any treatment booked with myself, a wonderfully pampering experience."

I always like to allow a little extra time before and after your treatment to ensure you receive the best care so that your treatment is unrushed.

I like to pay attention to the small details to ensure you slip away into a place of serenity.

I like to pay attention to the small details to ensure you slip away into a place of serenity.


Harmony Beauty are experts in creating the very best mobile spa therapies in the comfort of your own home or at Exquisite Beauty Salon.

Here are some of the Extra nice touches that I bring to you : -

Aromatherapy Defuser enhances the benefits of your treatments by a unique cool air diffusion system, using the natural evaporation process of the aromatherapy oils.

Music Therapy is calming and promotes a relaxation response. Offering a variety of sounds to choose, from instrumental,deep meditation, reiki to the sounds of the ocean.

Soft Artificial Candles to create a soft ambient glow to help relax the eyes and ease you into your treatment.

Hot Towel Warmer is used to provide hot towels for facials and body treatments. All treatments start with hot towels on the feet.

Finest Waffle Egyptian Towels are made from 100% of the finest Egyptian cotton, and have been especially constructed to achieve the highest retention of softness and fluffiness, making the towels extremely durable.

Massage Couch has luxurious padding, rounded corners, adjustable armrest and face cradle to give maximum comfort and support.

Himalayan Salt Lamp helps reduce fatigue and aids in the healing process and creates a calming environment. Helps to keep the air around you clean and clear.

Wooden Bowls are hand carved and used in all treatments for a more authentic/natural feel.

Every treatment therapy is carefully adapted to meet your specific needs.

All massages are a deeply relaxing experience leaving you feeling grounded and focused!

The Lava Shell Experience


This hot, seamless massage uses Tiger Clam Shells from the South Pacific to promote deep relaxation to both the mind & body. This deep tissue massage uses the warm lava shells to treat the back and neck helping to reach the aches and pains. The radiating heat from the shells enables deeper muscle tension to be released helping you to feel stress free.

Deep drainage helps remove toxins and aid the breakdown of cellulite

  •         Improves the circulation
  •         Deeply relaxing as the heat allows a deeper treatment
  •         Greater muscular relaxation than normal massage
  •         Seamless massage with continual heat