Skincare Tips for Brides, Mothers & Others.

A skin care facial routine needs to be started at least 6 months prior to the big day to reduce breakouts, lighten dark spots and improve the texture of the surface of the skin.
The most important thing is protection against the sun and environment, I recommend applying moisturisers with vitamin E as this is an anti-oxidedent.

A balanced diet, regular light exercises and stretching muscles to help performance and reduce necessary injury. Keep the body and face constantly hydrated to clear toxinsand encourage you to work more efficiently.
Over time you will notice an increase in elasticity and radiance.

The skin is under hormone and nervous control, so remember that it is not just about products but also about taking precious time out for yourself to breath and relax.

Reducing stress as much as you can will help you to control your hormone levels.

Feed your skin from the inside to give your complexion a boost, and priorities sleep so that your body can recharge fully and keep you in tip top condition. Find an experienced beauty therapist for a free consultation to have a skin analysis and identify what your concerns are so that a bespoke package can be created to suit your needs.
I also highly recommend taking skin and hair supplements, omega fish is great in reducing inflammation, acne and skin problems resulting in radiant and stronger skin and nails!

Ruth x